Joshua Hollands Selected as Winner of 2017 Zieger Prize

jhollandsJoshua Hollands, a postgraduate research student at the Institute of the Americas at University College London, has been selected as the 2017 recipient of SLSA’s Robert H. Zieger Prize for his essay, “‘There’s a Bigot in Your Biscuit’: Workplace Discrimination at Cracker Barrel, Civil Rights, and Corporate Activism in the Southern United States.”

Prof. Paul Ortiz, chair of the Zieger Prize committee, notes, “The Southern Labor Studies Association is thrilled to award the 2017 Robert H. Zieger to Joshua Hollands. Mr. Hollands’ commitment to rigorous research on the American working class personifies the life and scholarship of Dr. Robert H. Zieger, one of the foremost historians of US American Labor History. This highly competitive prize seeks to honor the legacy of Dr. Zieger who insisted that the lives, voices, and struggles of workers in the American South needed to be brought to the forefront of US history.”

Ortiz continues, “Joshua’s essay is an outstanding model of rigorous research, lucid argumentation, and compelling intersectionality in studying the connections between different forms of oppression and how these intersected in the workplace. Equally important, the essay elucidates the ways that organizers sought, with various levels of success, to challenge homophobia in the workplace.”

Hollands will be presented with the prize at the SLSA’s upcoming conference in Tampa, Florida March 2-5th, 2017, where he will also present a version of the paper.

The Robert H. Zieger Prize was established in 2013 with the cooperation of the Zieger family and members of SLSA. The prize is named in honor of the late Robert H. Zieger–teacher, scholar, and tireless union activist. Zieger was a prolific, award-winning writer whose books include For Jobs and Freedom: Race and Labor in America since 1865 and The CIO, 1935-1955, and three field-defining edited volumes on southern labor history. Zieger served as an officer in the North Central Florida Central Labor Council and an organizer for the United Faculty of Florida.