New Working History Episode focuses on Photography of Margaret Bourke-White in South Africa

9780253021267_lrgSLSA’s latest Working History podcast, “Social Justice from the U.S. South to South Africa, is available for listening on iTunes and SoundCloud. Alex Lichtenstein, Associate Professor of History at Indiana University, discusses his new book with co-author Rick Halpern, Margaret Bourke-White and the Dawn of Apartheid, photojournalism, and writing transnational histories of labor and social justice movements. The episode is hosted by Beth English, president of SLSA.

In 2000, Liechtenstein traveled to South Africa on a Fulbright Fellowship, where he became interested in comparative U.S./South African history and began research on the history of black and “mixed” trade unions under apartheid. This work is the basis of a future book on South African labor relations and the state, tentatively entitled Making Apartheid Work. His current book, Margaret Bourke-White and the Dawn of Apartheid, grew out of an exhibit, curated by Lichtenstein, of photographs taken by Bourke-White in South Africa in 1950.

Alex Lichtenstein is Associate Professor of History at Indiana University and Interim Editor of the American Historical Review. His work centers on the intersection of labor history and the struggle for racial justice in societies shaped by white supremacy, particularly the U.S. South (1865-1954) and 20th-century South Africa. His first book, Twice the Work of Free Labor examines the role of convict leasing and chain gangs in the remaking of the American South in the half century after the Civil War. He has also written extensively about race relations in the labor movement, interracial agrarian radicalism, early civil rights struggles, and the impact of anticommunism on the labor and civil rights movements. His current book project, Trouble in Paradise: Labor Radicalism, Race Relations, and Anticommunism in Florida, 1940-1960, explores the interplay of the civil rights and labor movements in Florida during the 1940s.

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