Instructions for Presenters

Your paper should be submitted to Cindy Hahamovitch by email attachment as a Word document or pdf one month before the seminar. It should be in nearly final form, including citations and preferably without “get cite” and “add section on …” notations. Please be sure to number the pages. You may include a note to readers and, if it’s part of a larger project, a table of contents.

At the seminar, you will have no more than ten minutes to introduce the paper, telling the assembled scholars whatever you’d like us to know. If the paper is a chapter of a larger project, we highly recommend that you tell us what the larger project is about and what would have come before the section we will be discussing.

After your ten minutes are up, you will be figuratively gagged while the group offers comments and suggestions in a constructive and collegial way. After about 40 minutes, you will have an opportunity to respond to group. You will not be able to address all the questions in the time remaining, so you’ll have to be selective about which questions you’d like to address. Do what will be most useful to you. We will jump back in with more questions and suggestions.

After a 15 minute break, we will tackle the second paper. We consider the papers in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names.

After the seminar, we generally go out for drinks so if you can join us, please do so.