New Book Edited by and Includes Contributions from SLSA Members

9781479856220_full-2A new book, Making the Empire Work: Labor and United States Imperialism, co-edited by SLSA member Jana Lipman and Daniel Bender is now available from NYU Press.

Described by Professor David Roediger as an “exciting and innovative work,” Professor Nan Enstad calls Making the Empire Work “a game changer.” NYU Press notes that by “[p]lacing working men and women at the center of the long history of the U.S. empire, these essays offer new stories of empire that intersect with the ‘grand narratives’ of diplomatic affairs at the national and international levels. … This collection challenges historians to consider the labor that formed, worked, confronted, and rendered the U.S. empire visible. The U.S. empire is a project of global labor mobilization, coercive management, military presence, and forced cultural encounter. Together, the essays in this volume recognize the United States as a global imperial player whose systems of labor mobilization and migration stretched from Central America to West Africa to the United States itself. Workers are also the key actors in this volume. … When historians place labor and working people at the center, empire appears as a central dynamic of U.S. history.”