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Ongoing Workshop Series

Thursday, September 17, 2020 10:19 AM | Anonymous

As part of the 2020 plenary session (or the conference that wasn't), the SLSA held a series of workshops where early career scholars shared a draft of a chapter or article with another scholar in their field and engaged in an intense hour-long back and forth about the piece. 

SLSA solicited proposals for these workshops ahead of time.  The SLSA Workshop Committee of Brian Kelly (chair), Mary Frederickson, and Sarah McNamara chose the following essays to be workshopped.  Also listed below are the names of the commentators.  Thanks so much to them for their time and generous intellectual spirit.  

Stay tuned.  We will be doing another round of workshops soon. 

Here is the workshop program:

1) Bryant Etheridge (Bridgeport State University), "Valuing People: A Political History of Working-Class Wages in Houston, 1933-1970"

Commentator:  Max Kromeral, Texas Christian University

2) Tiffany Gonzalez (Texas A&M): "Fruits of their Labor’: Mexican American Women and American Politics since the 20th Century"

Commentator: Beth English, Organization of American Historians

3) Caitlin Kennedy (University of Maryland), "Italian Immigrant Labor on the Gulf Coast"

Commentator: Carolina Waldron, University of Dayton 

4) Cullen Moran (Western Carolina University), "Coalfield Women: Community, Gender and Music in the Harlan County War, 1930-1940"

Commentator: Jesse Wilkerson, West Virginia University

5) Ashley Rodgers, (Louisiana State University), "The Perfect Laborer: Race, Mechanization, and the Search for the Ideal in Louisiana’s Cane Country,"1865-1900

Commentator:  Richard Follette, University of Sussex

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